Resurgence of Apartment Living in Indianapolis

In response to the trends noted by the Indianapolis real estate community in the last three years, many commercial condominium developments are converting to apartments. As lenders are becoming more restrictive in continuing construction loans and developers are finding that they are unable to sell the units already finished and move-in ready, developers are beginning to adopt the same posture as that taken by homeowners who purchased the next home before selling the first – put the property up for lease to pay the bills until the market turns around. Purchase minded consumers wishing to downsize their expenses, including lawn maintenance and property taxes were expected to flood into the condominium market as the home sales market diminished. Instead, developers are finding that the current market trend is too far into the trenches, in that those potential buyers that were going to eat up the condo market, have already done so, and the remaining who have the desire to do so, have homes in other areas that cannot be sold. Since the Indianapolis real estate market is one of the last in the nation to really feel the pinch of credit problems and plummeting property values, there is a lot of wonderful opportunities to make money in Indianapolis real estate, if you still have the financial security to hold the properties without risk. Apartment buildings are available at relatively low cost and are a good investment. As more and more people realize that the indulgences of the last ten years are coming to an end, and are worrying about job stability, many are foreclosing on their homes and finding themselves needing a place to live without the benefit of good credit to secure a mortgage. The resurgence of apartment living is evident, and there are plenty of apartment buildings for sale in the Indianapolis real estate market. The stumbling block will be in dealing with a flinching credit market while trying to obtain a commercial loan. This can be accomplished with some planning and investigation. While a good Indianapolis real estate agent will be a critical asset, retention of a real estate attorney is always a wise move when purchasing your first multi-family building. An attorney from the area will not only be expert in dealing with the financial and legal ramifications of a commercial real estate transaction, but also have knowledge of the current economy and market trends which will not affect his invoicing. Therefore, the attorney will be more honest in his advice than someone who is dependent on sales commission for income. Another consideration is establishing enough income from rented units to cover the loss of unrented units at any given time. Generally, the larger the number of units, the more opportunity to rebound from a small percentage of un-leased units. Fortunately, the Indianapolis real estate trends are showing that more and more people are returning to apartment living. Even for those who have maintained their job and have substantial income, are generally unwilling to purchase real estate for fear of having to transfer out of state and are therefore leasing apartments instead. Since the Indianapolis real estate market has been traditionally strong, even in the recent downturns in the economy and the real estate market as a whole, the local economy is still drawing new population, making the purchase of apartment buildings a lucrative investment. Published at: