I Moved into a One Bedroom Apartment

I love everything about Henderson, Nevada. I moved here about three years ago with my sister, and we both fell in love with everything about it. She met the man of her dreams here, and she told me that I could keep the apartment if I wanted, or I could look at one bedroom Henderson apartments since maintaining a two bedroom on my salary might be hard to do. I would have looked for another apartment regardless, because I just didn’t have any need for a two bedroom unit. I know some people like a lot of room, but I am not one of them.

I decided to go ahead and look at one bedroom apartments in Henderson because I knew that my sister and her fiance were probably going to start a family right away once they were married, and my bedroom would make a good nursery for their baby. I didn’t want to live far away, so I decided to just look at the same complex, The Edge, to see if I was able to find any one bedroom units that I really liked a lot.

As soon as I saw the floor plan for the one that I live in now, I knew that it was the one that I wanted. It is definitely smaller, but I actually liked that part. I have a decent living room, and there is even a separate dining area where I just keep my desk. If I ever have a dinner like that, I just go to my sister’s anyway! My bedroom has an even bigger walk in closet than the one I left behind, and that is really the only thing that I do like big, because I have a ton of clothes. It is cheaper for me, and I get to be close to my sister still.